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The Responsibility of the Department of Pharmacy at University of Parma is for research and teaching in the practice-related professional pharmacy and in discovery, development, manufacturing and control of drugs and health products. The department supports basic and advanced researches and teaching in the pivotal disciplines of pharmacotherapeutics i.e., Medicinal and Bioorganic Chemistry, Pharmacology and Pharmacognosy and Pharmaceutical Technology and Practice.

The Mission is to prepare graduate and postgraduate students for leadership in research, teaching, practice and service in the relevant fields of public health connected to drugs, medicines and health products.  The Department faculty generates and disseminates knowledge to discover new bioactive chemical entities, understand their mechanism of action and develop, characterize, manufacture and distribute safe, efficient, innovative and cost- effective medications for human and animal care. With the laboratories of medicinal chemistry, organic chemistry, biochemistry, biological physical chemistry, functional and cellular pharmacology, toxicology, biopharmaceutics and pharmaceutical technology, the Department intends to be the reference centre for healthcare stakeholders with special regards to pharma industries and public health agencies. The Department of Pharmacy is administrative center of BioPharmaNet_TEC, part of the Regional Technopole at the University of Parma for the industrial Research

Through a high level scientific production, the Goal of the Department is the national and international recognition, as a leading centre in pharmacy and biomedical research and education focusing on drug discovery, optimal use of and access to pharmaceuticals, nutraceuticals, cosmetics and medical devices, as well as cost-effective pharmaceutical care.

The Strengths of the Department are recognized in the following activities:

Graduate training and research in pharmacotherapeutics;

Innovative training programs in institutional and community pharmacy practice;

Master in Pharmaceutics and Regulatory;

Postgraduate School in Hospital Pharmacy;

Doctoral programs in the Pharmacy pillars (medicinal and bioorganic chemistry, pharmacology, pharmaceutical technology);

Innovative pharmacotherapeutic researches in:
    Drug discovery and therapy
    Drug design and pharmacoinformatics
    Synthesis of novel bioactive compounds
    Development of innovative synthetic methodologies to bioactive compounds
    Thermodynamics of drug-receptor interaction
    Anticancer drugs and diagnostic tools
    Drugs and medications for pain and inflammation
    Drugs for CNS diseases
    Gastrointestinal and cardiovascular pharmacology
    Experimental toxicology
    Mitochondria and oxidative stress biochemistry
    Quality control and bioactivity of  pharmaceutical plants
    Regenerative medicine
    Biopharmaceutics and Pharmacokinetics
    Solid drugs and dosage forms design and characterization
    Drug delivery innovations (oral, pulmonary, transdermal)
    Medication safety and effectiveness in children and geriatrics patients

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