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Joint Teaching-Student Committee

Joint Teaching-Student Committee

Composition Joint Teaching-Student Committee


The department members of the Commission were appointed on January, 30th 2013 by the Department Board and they remain in office for four years. The student members of the Commission were appointed on January, 29th 2015 by the Department Board and they remain in office for two years.


Role of the Joint Teaching-Student Committee

The Joint Teaching-Student Committee, gathering data from SUA-CdS, from the surveys of students and from other institutional resources, assesses whether:

  • the design of the course of study maintains the necessary attention to the functions and skills required by employment prospects and personal and professional development, taking account of needs of the economy and productive system;
  • the expected learning results fit reference tasks and skills;
  • the didactic activity of teachers, laboratories, classrooms, equipments, teaching methods, materials and supports, are effective to achieve the learning objectives to the required level;
  • examination methods properly verify the obtained results related to the expected learning outcomes;
  • after the Annual review, effective corrective actions on courses of study have been adopted;
  •  the student's satisfaction surveys are effectively managed, analyzed and used;
  • the University make regularly available to users, up-to-date, impartial, objective, quantitative and qualitative information concerning each course of study offered.

The Committee expresses its opinions and joint proposals for quality improvement in the Annual Report that will be submitted to the “Presidio di Qualità” and to the internal “Nucleo di Valutazione” by December 31 of each year.


Organizational methods of the Joint Commission Professors-Student

Report of May 21, 2013

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