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New methodologies for asymmetric synthesis: merging selectivity and molecular diversity

Main focus of the research is the design and synthesis of novel multi-site (pro)nucleophilic and (pro)electrophilic carbon matrices – mainly in the heterocyclic domain – and their exploitation in vinylogous and multivinylogous carbon-carbon bond-forming reactions.

In recent past years, application of the vinylogy concept in asymmetric synthesis enabled us to access diverse collections of high-quality small-molecule scaffolds and targets ranging from unnatural and natural carbasugars and alkaloids to nucleosides, amino acids, peptidomimetics and heterocycles (e.g. γ-butenolides, pyrrolinones, 2-oxindoles). Thus, the exploitation of the “vinylogy concept” is a powerful opportunity to selectively accessing molecular diversity en route to biologically and pharmaceutically relevant molecules.


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