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RAQ – Quality Assurance Responsible for the Course

For each Course, a Quality Assurance Responsible (RAQ) is appointed.
The RAQ has to:

  • Help the Head of the Course and the Director of the Department in planning the improving actions and checking their fulfilment.
  • Suggest to the Council of the Course the program of the improving actions within January 31 of every year.
  • Monitor, with the help of the administrative staff of the Teaching area of the Department and/or the service centers, the regular progress of the teaching activities and help services, including those supplied by centralized offices:
    - check that the teaching schedule and consulting hours are observed, also with the help of tutors and the technician-administrative staff of the Department which the Course belongs to;
    - check the publication of the scheduling program of lessons and exams;
    - check the publication of the teaching programs of all subjects of the Degree Course, including the assessment methods and criteria;
    - check the regularity in gathering the on-line opinion of students and graduates; check the transmission of the results of the overall data to the GAV Committee and Joint Committee of Teachers and Students, as well as the results of each subject data to the corresponding teacher possibly in the context of the overall data of the Course.
  • Promptly inform the Head of the Course about any issues relative to the regular progress of the teaching activities, also based on the students’ complaints and suggestions.
  • Within the 31st October of each academic year, draw up a detailed and documented report on the activity of the year to be transmitted to the Head of the Course.

Students may report a “Problem” about the educational and organizational aspects of the Course to the Quality Assurance Responsible of the Course.

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