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Idea Project

Integrazione Didattica per Esercitazioni Assistite (Academic integration for supervised exercises)

What is the IDEA project
The project aimed at creating an operational link between the School and the University for fruitful connection between didactics of secondary school degree and university didactics as an effective means of reducing the difficulty of the students and the phenomena of neglect.
The teaching activity fixed agreement is financed by the University and constitutes, on an experimental, the use of the professional skills of school staff in the universities, in training programs and mentoring, while also allowing the exchange of experience and circulation of training programs
It aims to provide the basic knowledge needed to successfully follow their teachings or to approach determined basic disciplines, with a view to a more complete training.
Each course is imparted by high school teachers, selected and trained under an agreement with the Regional Education Offices of Parma, Piacenza and Reggio Emilia and the Regional School Office for Emilia-Romagna.
They are therefore not required prior knowledge and are admitted to the courses of the IDEA project, also without prior registration, students of the years after the First and other undergraduate courses, three-year degrees and MSc degrees.

Who is it for
With the IDEA project (Academic integration for supervised exercises) are performed SUPPLEMENTAL EDUCATIONAL EXERCISES in favor of first-year students.
Each course has a duration of 60 hours.
In the Department are activated courses in Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Mathematics.
Since this is propaedeutic courses (
integrative teaching), it is not a final exam or the awarding of credits, but will take into account the activities carried out in the examination of their teachings.

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