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Internships, Traineeships and Placement

The Outbound Guidance (or post-graduation) is aimed at undergraduate and graduate students, and aims to promote the matching of job supply and demand through integrated actions with companies and other organizations operating in the productive world. The department organizes meetings/visits with companies and professional organizations in order to explain to undergraduates/graduates the characteristics of individual industrial realities and the recruitment dynamics adopted by companies (from SMEs to multinationals). The departmental contact person also provides adequate publicizing of UNIPR's initiatives by implementing the job orientation and job-placement activities carried out by the University.

Outbound orientation activities of the University of Parma

ER.GO. also provides support services to recent graduates, such as assistance in CV preparation. In particular, on the indicated page, under the heading I'm interested you can open other menus: Write CV, Look for job, Make an internship, Training and studying after graduation, Going abroad, Doing research.

ER.GO. and our central offices periodically organize meetings to help people enter the world of work. Notices of these seminars are always posted on the University's Featured website.

Delegates for Outbound Orientation and Workplace/Job Placement Policies




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