Alma universitas studiorum parmensis A.D. 962 - Università di Parma Alma universitas studiorum parmensis A.D. 962 - Università di Parma

Department Organization

Director of the Department is Professor Gianni Galaverna, in office for the four-year period January 1, 2024 – December 31, 2027.

Deputy Director of the Department is Prof. Marco Mor.

Delegates of the Director:
Prof. Ruggero Bettini (Delegation: Relations with Technical Staff)
Prof. Marco Mor (Delegation: Research)
Prof. Augusta Caligiani (Delegation: Estates and Buildings)
Prof. Alessio Lodola (Delegation: VQR Evaluation of research quality)
Prof. Francesca Scazzina (Delegation: Third mission)
Prof. Silvia Rivara (Delegation: Teaching Activities)
Prof. Tullia Tedeschi (Delegation: Internationalization)

The Director is assisted by an advisory board consisting of: Monica Gatti (full professor), Marco Radi (associate professor), Laura Scalvini (research fellow), Claudia Falavigna (technical staff), Luisa Secci (student)

Pursuant to art. 10 paragraph 3 of the organizational regulations of the Department "the Delegates of the Director and the Deputy Director participate in the work of the Giunta without voting rights"

Department Council
The members of the Council are: the teachers; a representation of technical and administrative personnel equal to 10% of the component, with a minimum of three; the Administrative Manager, who also acts as Secretary of the Council; a representation of the holders of research grants working at the Department and of those enrolled in specialization schools under the jurisdiction of the Department, totaling 5% (rounded up) of the number of teachers in the Department; a representation of the students enrolled in the degree courses, master's degree and research doctorate of the Department, for a total number, for all the departments of the University, equal to eighty members divided among the various Departments with measure of the Academic Senate.
The elected members of the Council remain in office for three calendar years, excluding the student representatives who remain in office for two years. Elected members can not be re-elected consecutively more than once.

Department Quality Assurance Committee

As part of each Department, the Departmental Quality Assurance Committee - PQD is established, an operational and connecting body between the Department and the University Quality Assurance Committee.


Department delegate in favor of students with disability

Students with disability, Specific Learning Disorder and disadvantage people can contact the delegates of the Department.

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