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Computational Resources

    Molecular Modelling and Simulation Softwares:
                Macromodel, Desmond, Sybyl,  Amber, CHARMM, PLUMED

    Multivariate Analysis:
                SIMCA, R

    Physico-chemical properties and descriptors
                MedChem Advisor, ChemAxon

    On line databases:
                SciFinder Scholar

Equipments for Synthesis
                Büchi Syncor reactor for parallel synthesis
                CEM Microwave reactor
                NMR Bruker AC-300
                NMR Bruker AMX-400
                NMR Bruker AVANCE 300
                ThermoQuest (Italia) FlashEA 1112 Elemental Analyzer
                Preparative Gilson MPLC

Analytical Instruments
                LC/MS API150EX with ESI and APCI interfaces (Applied Biosystem)
                Sirius PCA200 (Sirius Analytical Instruments)  
                LC/UV Gilson  
                Jasco FT/IR 300E

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