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School of Specialization in Hospital Pharmacy, University of Parma

General Information


The School of Specialization in Hospital Pharmacy is intended to ensure that graduates in pharmaceutical professional the training useful to the accomplishment of the profession within the hospital pharmaceutical and territorial structures of NHS. There are specific areas of competence, the management of drugs and medical devices, the production of drugs even on an experimental basis, information and documentation on the medication, supervision of health care products and vigilance on the pharmaceutical exercise.

The Study Programme is reserved to graduates in the class of degree 14/S (Pharmacy and Industrial Pharmacy), or in the class of degree LM-13 (Pharmacy and Industrial Pharmacy) and graduates awarded prior to DM 509/99 in Pharmacy or Pharmaceutical Chemistry and Technology, or those who are in possession of the qualification (degree or enabling) awarded by foreign universities and is considered comparable, solely for the purpose of admission to the School. For access is required to hold the Diploma of license to practice as a pharmacist.

The Course of Study can be accessed with the annual competition for admission on qualifications and examinations held by the University C. The notice is made ​​available on the page of the educational offer, graduate schools of the University. Places available for year are 3.

The school has a duration of 4 academic years with compulsory attendance and provides a three-year common formative and a fourth year in two distinct curricula: in Hospital Pharmacy or Pharmaceutical territorial. With passing the final examination will be awarded the diploma of Specialist in Hospital Pharmacy.

The interns will acquire 240 CFU of which 168 credits are reserved for qualifying activities aimed at the acquisition of specific skills within the activities and practices of elective internship and 72 credits in lectures or tutorials. The theoretical and practical activities are carried out in university structures and the structures of the National Health Service present in training network that includes the structures of the Local Health and Hospitals of Parma and Piacenza.

The training course of the trainee is determined by the School Council and takes place under the guidance of tutors appointed annually by the Board itself subject to the rules that govern the relationship with the NHS.


Department of Pharmacy
Area Science Park 27/a PARMA Italy
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For INFO: Prof. E. Barocelli, Tel: +39 0521 905093, email

Director of the School of Specialization in Hospital Pharmacy

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