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Educational and training activities

Educational and training activities attended by PhD students during the three years of the Programme can be classified into disciplinary, interdisciplinary and research-related activities.

The candidates must collect a total of 24 ECTS in three years, according to the following scheme:


ECTS during the 3-years course


Institutional activities

≥ 8

Courses and seminars specifically activated for the PhD course, attended by the candidate during the current year

Interdisciplinary activities

≥ 4

Soft skills, (i.e. public speaking, intellectual properties, ethics in science)

Research-related activities

≤ 12

Workshop, summer or winter schools, PhD schools, study abroad period, etc… attended by the candidate during the current year

Other activities

≤ 4

Complementary didactic activities carried out by the candidate within courses of the University of Parma (teaching hours: max 40), i.e. class exercises, laboratories assistance, other…

Significant deviations from this plan, agreed in advance by the PhD student and her/his Supervisor, have to be approved by the PhD Course Board.

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