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► The Competition Notice for admission to the First-level Professional Master Programme in Perfumes and Cosmetics a.y. 2023-2024 can be found on the University website at the page: Professional Master Programmes Enrolment

Description and Objectives of the Master's Program

The first-level Professional Master Programme in Perfumes and Cosmetics is a course set up by the University of Parma at the proposal of the Department of Food and Drug in collaboration with Mouillettes&CO to address the need, on the part of perfume and cosmetics companies, for a professional figure specializing in the perfume production chain.

The need arises from the presence, in the industrial and production fabric of the cosmetics and perfume sector, of numerous small- to medium-sized companies (when compared with that of large multinationals) that do not have in-depth skills in the perfume sector internally. In addition, the professional figure to be trained also has skills related to industrial production, packaging, and packaging. The course is aimed at graduates in disciplines such as Chemistry, Pharmacy and Biology determined to orient their professional future in the field of perfumery and cosmetics, but also to people who already work in companies closely related to perfumery, Intended to acquire more professional expertise.

The Master's course aims to prepare experts in the production chain of perfume, with advanced skills in the formulation, production, evaluation including olfactory, packaging and marketing of the product and in the use of fragrances to be used in different types of cosmetic products. The skills acquired during the Master's course can be spent not only in perfume companies, but also more generally in companies in the cosmetic field.

The Master's course provides advanced theoretical and practical knowledge in the field of fragrances and is addressed to both recent graduates and people already working in cosmetic companies. The course has one-year duration and includes frontal and interactive teaching activities. The training is completed by the internship or stage aimed at the development of a personal project to be carried out taken Companies in the regional and national territory, although the possibility of internships in companies of European or international scope is not excluded.

ECTS credits: 60

Teaching schedule: Consult the Teaching Activities

Minimum number of participants for course activation: 7

Maximum number of participants: 15

Maximum number of auditors: 7

Cost: € 4.016.00

Learning delivery method: in-presence

Methods of implementation: Italian

Mandatory attendance: 70% on face-to-face teaching


Methods and Requirements for Access

Access to the Master's program is gained after passing a public selection by titles and exam.

Access to the Master's program is reserved for those who hold one of the following degrees:
L 29 (Pharmaceutical Sciences and Technologies)
L 27 (Chemical Sciences and Technologies)
L 13 (Biological Sciences)
Master's Degree LM 13 (Pharmacy and Industrial Pharmacy)
Master's Degree LM 54 (Chemical Sciences)
Master's Degree LM 6 (Biology)
Master's Degrees in scientific disciplines other than those listed above provided they are accompanied by at least two years of proven experience in companies in the cosmetics industry.

Phases and Deadlines


Opening of applications

05/09/2023 at 12 noon

Closing of applications and deadline for payment of the master's admission fees of 30 euros (in no case refundable)

15/12/2023 at 12 noon




Selection by qualifications and motivational interview

TEST DATE: 10/01/2024

TIME: 10:00

HUB: Department of Food and Drug, University of Parma, Parco Area delle Scienze 27/A

For candidates who request it, the interview in telematic mode will take place using the Microsoft Teams application.





For technical and operational administrative info:

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