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38th cycle: Courses

The following courses are offered by the Board of Teachers, jointly by the Doctorate School in Biologic, Drug and Food Sciences (which includes the Ph.D. Courses in Drug Sciences, in Food Sciences, in Biotechnologies an Biosciences and in Evolutive Biology and Ecology) or by other Organizations at the University of Parma. They are activated every year, unless differently indicated in the Course description leaflet linked below.

Specific courses offered by the Board of Teachers:  

title ects sem teachers
Bioactive peptides and peptidomimetics  1  1 Lucia Battistini
Protein therapeutics: production, chemical modification and evaluation of their functional properties  1  1 Stefano Bruno, Stefano Bettati, Luca Ronda
Enzymes in Drug Discovery  1  2 Barbara Campanini
Pharmacokinetic optimization in drug research: physico-chemical and in vitro ADME properties  1  1 Federica Vacondio
Alternative Methods in drug testing  1  1 Simona Bertoni
Microbiome research and drug-microbiota interactions  1   Leonardo Mancabelli
Determination of protein structure  1  2 Serena Faggiano
Pivotal role of imaging technologies in drug discovery and development  1  1 Franco Fabio Stellari
Cryo-electron Microscopy of Biological Macromolecules  3  2 Ben Luisi


Inter-disciplinary courses offered by the Board of Teachers:

title ects sem teachers
Introduction to Scientific Communication   2   1 Ruggero Bettini - Alessio Lodola
Patent (IP Rights) vs Scientific Publication (Free Divulgation): Analogies, Differences, Opportunities and Risks   1   2 Livia Villa
Preclinical research: from science to legislation   2   2 Ilaria Zanotti
Practical biostatistics   1   1 Massimiliano Tognolini
Reserch Integrity and Open Science   2   1 Silvia Pescina
Multivariate Analysis With R   2   1 Laura Scalvini
Salute e sicurezza: Dottorandi nei Laboratori Chimici di Ricerca     1 Lucia Silvotti - Arturo Arduini

Other courses will be offered within the PhD School in Biological, Drug and Food Sciences.

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