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PhD in Drugs, Biomolecules and Health Products

The PhD programme "Drugs, Biomolecules and Health Products" is organized by the Department of Food and Drug, University of Parma. It consists of a research project, under supervision by a member of the Board of teaching, and course work; it is concluded with the preparation and defense of a PhD thesis.

The programme generally takes three years, during which changes of scientific environment is strongly encouraged. It is aimed at the preparation of "Dottori di ricerca" having scientific bases and research experience in the design, discovery, development, production and control of drugs and health products, as well as in the investigation of mechanisms of action for drugs and biomolecules. The Board of teaching offers and organizes courses and seminars in different scientific areas, with particular focus on medicinal chemistry, pharmaceutical chemistry, pharmacology and biochemistry. Contributions from different areas are also included, which can be relevant for the world of drugs, biomolecules and health products.

The research project of every PhD student has to be consistent with a research line included in one of the four major areas (curricula) covered by the programme:

  1. design and synthesis of bioactive compounds;
  2. biopharmaceutics and pharmacokinetics;
  3. experimental pharmacology and toxicology;
  4. biochemistry, biophysics and molecular biology.

The PhD students have access to resources provided by the Department and guaranteed by the supervisor, in order to develop a personal research project that has to be periodically discussed with the Board of teaching.

Research work must result in scientific outputs that are agreed among student, supervisor and the Board of teaching. Course work has the main objective to develop and improve PhD-student's ability to work in collaborative team environment, to critically evaluate and discuss research projects with their implications for fund raising, intellectual property and social impact.


Composition of the Board of Teachers

Research lines




Statement of Rights and Responsibilities (XXXIII Cycle)

Statement of Rights and Responsibilities (XXXII Cycle)

Statement of Rights and Responsibilities (XXXI Cycle)


Administative website (including forms and instructions for thesis upload)  U.O. Formazione Post Lauream – Dottorati di Ricerca

ULLA, European University Consortium for Pharmaceutical Sciences

The summer school 2017 took place in Leuven (Belgium) from 8-15 July.

ULLA, European University Consortium for Pharmaceutical Sciences

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